Why Consider the Beauty Industry?

The *$60 Billion beauty, salon and spa industry *(as quoted by Market Research IBIS World) is one of the most stable, recession resilient and fastest growing industries in the country. The attraction to the salon/spa industry is simple – most everyone uses some sort of hair or personal care service. However, there is a paradigm shift in the way the industry is changing and growing.

Unlike many industries that have declined or even disappeared, the salon industry continues to outpace the overall economy with over 3800 new locations opening in the last 3 years (- Professional Beauty Association 2014 Economic Snapshot Report.) Of that, “independent business entities within the salon industry account for 83% of all establishments and 93% of total salon revenues.”

The bottom line is that women will always care about their appearance, whether it is an up or down economy. The Salon Studios Beauty Mall® is positioned to capture a greater market share of today’s beauty consumer by delivering a wide range of luxurious salon and spa services at an all-in-one convenient location.


Owning a Salon Studios Beauty Mall® is a solid investment in a rapidly growing industry that is not prone to economic fluctuations, changes in technology or the fickle demands of customers moving from one fad to another. Beauty will always be in demand and the services provided by our highly skilled artists cannot be outsourced or replaced by technology as salon and spa customers will always demand the personal touch provided by our talented partners.

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