Why Salon Studios

What makes us better than just old salon suite concept?

  • We own and operate 6 successful Salon Studios Beauty Malls and have a deep passion for the salon industry. Through our vested ownership we have first- hand knowledge and experience on every aspect of the business and what it takes to be successful!
  • 90% or higher average occupancy rate – Primary key indicator of success in the salon suite business
  • Compared to other similar concepts we have a unique flat-rate Royalty Fee. Our Royalties are lower during the first few months after opening to help our franchisees get through the ramp up period of the new business cycle. After month 10 franchisees continue with an established flat-rate fee so as your business grows your Royalties stay the same.
  • Your Success is our Priority! Unlike similar concepts you are not required to purchase Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Products from us. Our goal is to help franchisees leverage our established vendor networks, not create another profit center for us the Franchisor.
  • Access to more real estate locations- We have partnered with Newark/ Grubb/ Knight/ Frank (NGKF). NGKF is one of the world’s leading commercial real estate advisory firms with over 12,000 professionals that operate from more than 330 offices in established and emerging property markets on six continents!

Key Benefits of becoming a Salon Studios Franchisee or Area Developer

  • Strong Unit Economics:
    • Strong FDD Item-19
    • Average Occupancy Rates at 90% or higher,
    • Weekly recurring and predictable
    • $90 Average Ticket
    • E-cash business, No accounts receivables, no inventory.
  • Your artists /studio owners are long-term tenants that are vested in their own success and the success of your business
  • Studio tenants earn an average of 40-50% higher income than working at a traditional salon
  • Few to no employees – traditional salons require substantial labor and licensing, while Salon Studios requires only 1 or 2 Beauty Mall Concierge
  • Work-life balance. Our “manage-the-manager” business model allows franchise owners to make money and work on the business vs in the business
  • Quick ramp-up, easy to learn and scalable. Franchising owners can grow rapidly into multiple locations with predictable revenue stream
  • Sophisticated design –unique approach providing best of class personalized services at a competitive price in a sleek, world-class design. Best in the industry Beauty Mall with on-site concierge/property manager creates centralized demand for services in an all-in-one location
  • Prime Territories and locations are available for Single, Multi-Unit and Conversion Opportunities. We also offer Area/Master Development programs for qualified candidates
  • No salon experience required – we will teach you everything you need to know! (Click here for more details)


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