Who is the Ideal Salon Studios Franchisee?

We are seeking entrepreneurs that come from all types of backgrounds and experiences with the common goal of owning or operating an executive lifestyle business model.

You will have passion for working with people, building a community culture, networking and marketing in your community while following proven systems and processes. Our candidate profile includes the owner operator who wants to build a family business, or the Multi-unit displaced executive – “Ex” Corporate America professionals/executives seeking diversifications with semi-absentee scalable business models.

Our business model is also great for Empire builders – Diversifying entrepreneurs looking for the next growth vehicles. Our business model is perfect for scaling. We offer Multi-Unit and Area Developer Packages for qualified individuals that includes, three (3), six (6) and ten (10) unit development opportunities.

Lastly, due to the overall simplicity and efficiencies of our business vs other heavy labor or capital driven models, we are a great option for entrepreneurs looking to diversify or completely change their ownership portfolios. We offer a great business option for entrepreneurs seeking a semi-absentee business that is fun and easy to operate with a predictable revenue stream.

Financial Qualifications

Minimum Financial Qualifications

It is critically important that all of our candidates for consideration are well capitalized and it also helps to have a good financial and business acumen. Our goal and focus is to establish long-term and sustainable relationships with well capitalized franchise partners and area developers. One of the primary reasons many businesses fail including franchises is because they were undercapitalized.

Our minimum financial qualifications for consideration:

  • Minimum of $200,000 Liquid Capital
  • Minimum Net Worth of $500,000
  • Minimum Credit Score- 680
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